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Yorkshire Mountain Bike Marathon Routes

Please Read: The routes below are situated on the private land of Birdsall Estates and are only available to ride on Sunday 26th May 2024. Please respect the land owners wishes and do no attempt to ride the routes on any other date.

25km Route

At 25km this is a challenge that takes in some great singletrack, tough climbs and fast trails. Riding several of the best sections from the 40km, with easier tracks available where technical descents are located. The 25km has an initial challenging climb ascending 120m, riders are rewarded by flowing singletrack through Swinham Wood onto descend into the picturesque Vessey Dale and ride through Wharram Wood before a quick stop at the feed station. Descending to Wharram Percy Medieval Village and onto the Victorian Disused Railway and Kilns of Wharram the ride takes in some great scenery and history. A small climb up Luddith road prior to Earthquake Wood descent and back to Birdsall House to finish in Lord Middleton's picturesque gardens. Approximate distance 25km and approximate accent 1279ft.

A3 Yorkshire Mt Bike Marathon Participant Plan 25k profile.jpeg
2018 Short Route Profile.png

At 40km this is the ultimate route, riding the majority of what makes the 25km exciting whilst adding several  woodland sections, showcasing technical, off-camber natural terrain and flowing singletrack. The 80km is for those of you upto the challenge of riding this twice!


The route initially climbs 140m, riders are rewarded with flowing singletrack through Swinham Wood, including technical roots and off-camber terrain; easier tracks available if preferred. Riders quickly progress through Vessey Dale with a shallower climb to Toisland where the 25km competitors split off during a fast wooded section of Wharram Woods. On the 40km riders continue the pace through the middle of Lord Middleton's maize field, descend via Oxclose Wood and dip into a shallow stream section. Once completed riders tackle Leys Wood Climb replacing the gruelling grass field of previous events with a fast winding forest ascent. Earthquake Wood (Yes, that's the official name) speaks for itself prior to riders completing what seems like a well deserved road climb rest. Riders will reach the refreshment and assistance point (Feed Station) having completed around 50% of the course and re-join the 25km route for a short time.


The second half seems faster, a quick descent past Wharram Percy Medieval Village, where the 25km route again split off and 40km participants cross an old railway bridge before climbing alongside Tunnel Wood. A vast landscape opens up into Fairy Dale, shaped by the last Ice Age. Here you descend into Burdale Quarry and past the grand bricked up entrance to Burdale Disused Railway Tunnel. Riders then climb Fairydale and descend arguably the best section, Tunnel Wood. Fast flowing singletrack and technical terrain along the top of a Historic Victorian Railway Tunnel enviable to any trail centre. Riders rejoin the 25km route at the bottom of Tunnel Wood, quickly progressing along the Disused Railway Line, before climbing Luddith Road and then again splitting from the 25km. For 2020 the last section features a new singletrack woodland descent, removing the gruelling trek through a rutted field. Finally riders sweep through the woodland behind Birdsall House and finish in the picturesque back garden of Lord Middleton. Approximate distance 40km and approximate accent 2453ft.

40/80km Route

A3 Yorkshire Mt Bike Marathon Participant Plan 40 and 80k profile.jpeg
2018 Long Route Profile.png
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