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Yorkshire Mountain Bike Marathon 2017 | 3 Events: 20km, 40km and 80km

Yorkshire Mountain Bike Marathon 2017 compromises of two routes featuring forest descents, singletrack and spectacular climbs. The event takes place around the 12000 acre Birdsall Estates located in the Yorkshire Wolds. There is a 20km and 40km and 80km event with riding over a variety of terrain including single-track, forest descents, valleys and you even ride through the deserted medieval village of Wharram Percy.

The Yorkshire Mountain Bike Marathon aims, to provide Yorkshire with a Mountain Bike Marathon event that puts the area on the map. If you haven't already experienced the Mountain Bike Marathon scene its something for everybody. With a mass start, every shape and age of bike and body will be present, ready to ride the winding singletrack, forest descents and prepared challenging climbs. You will experience the clusters of colourful dots moving across the landscape, which was unbroken otherwise by signs of people; just big skies, big hills and lots of pedalling.

All 20km, 40km and 80km events explore the hills to the south of Birdsall, includes natural forest descents and ascents alongside connecting off-road terrain that offers stunning scenery. The 80km option provides those of you with the desire to find your limits. With two laps of equal length you can aim to survive the first lap and go for broke on the second or simply enjoy the descents more the second time round. Remember, Birdsall Estate is a private country sat on 12,000 acres that is usually closed to the public, this may be your only chance to ride these natural trails.

The 40km loop is one lap of the of the longer 80km route. This means you get to ride the complete longer course and ride all of the natural trails and singletrack we have selected for 2017.

The 20km loop follows much the same route as the 40km and 80km routes to begin with but verges off for a ride featuring equally as rewarding descents and singletrack just with less distance. The 20km loop id over one lap.

The Yorkshire Mountain Bike Marathon has been organised by Northern Ride bike shop in Malton, stockists of Yeti, Lapierre, Focus and some great looking niche Italian brands along with Birdsall Estates.

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